Team Black Bindings

They say teamwork makes the dream work…

Marketing: Um, what are they?
Designer: Bindings…

Marketing: And, what color is this?
Designer: Black…

Marketing: Hmm, okay, and who are they for?
Designer: The team…

And so, the Team Black Bindings were born…


Built with medium flex in the outer shell, the Team Black Bindings are constructed with our fly-line support, reducing the weight of the actual material, and allowing the supportive load and fast response to come from the lines running through the entire shell.

This construction creates a highly responsive feel with easy ankle articulation, while still maintaining a high level of support.



Extra Thick Rubber Foam Insole

The full range of AK Bindings are built with our high memory impact-resistant footbeds with added thickness for the maximum comfort and support. Ergonomically shaped to fit the curves of any foot, the expanding foam used in production allows for uniform shock absorption and stability underfoot.


Rubber Molded Heel Lock

AK has developed a TPU rubber molded heel lock. This high memory medium density rubber, combined with the ergonomic shaping allows for the rider’s heel to be locked into the boot. This creates a reliable locked in feeling when riding.



Learn more about the AK Team Black Bindings,
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