Standard Spreader Bar

AK Standard Spreader Bar

Padded spreader bar. Simple push release clip. Stainless steel build. The AK Standard Spreader Bar pad utilizes a combination of foam and neoprene for a soft contact between you and the bar. This significantly reduces hook twisting and riding up while kiteboarding, or while keeping the kite overhead. The AK spreader bar is ideally suited […]

Tuck-In Spreader Bar

AK Tuck-In Spreader Bar

Padded anti-twist bar pad. Simple push release clip. Stainless steel build. Purely designed for the all-round waist harness rider. Built in the classic stainless steel construction with a simple clip in connection. The AK Tuck-in Spreader Bar is ideally suited for the Synth harness when being used as a pure waist harness. Available in two sizes: 19CM […]

Sliding Spreader Bar

AK Sliding Spreader Bar

Converts any AK Harness into a wave-riding machine. Wider range of motion while riding hooked in. Easy attachable & detachable spectra sliding line. Ready for the waves, the AK Sliding Spreader Bar converts any of the AK harnesses into a wave-riding machine. With a traveling line, the Sliding Spreader Bar allows the rider to have […]

Kite Safety Knife & Pouch

ak kite knife

Convenient pouch for simple harness attachment. Instant kite line cutting capability. Compatible with all AK spreader bars. The AK Kite Knife & Safety Pouch can be placed anywhere on your harness by attaching it through the attachment loop. The AK Kite Safety Knife can also be placed into the built-in pouch of the AK spreader […]