Plasma Hydrofoil Series

akdurablesupplyco-AK Plasma v2 img 01

High aspect hydrofoil for pump, glide & higher speed. Arc down stabilizer for efficiency & pivoting turns. Modular aluminum rear fuselage. Re-engineered from the ground up, the Plasma hydrofoil series was developed for chasing the fastest ocean swells or pumping with infinite glide to deliver an extremely high-performance ride, without compromise. Front Wings available in […]

Tracer Hydrofoil Series

akdurablesupplyco-AK Tracer v3 img 01

Medium aspect ratio for ease of use & maneuverability. Arc Down stabilizer for directional stability & ease of use. Versatile performance & high-speed control. For riders looking for the perfect balance between performance, ease of use, and the ultimate maneuverability, the Tracer Hydrofoil Series has been completely redesigned to have you carving the cleanest lines […]

Trek Hydrofoil Series

AK Trek Hydrofoil Series featuring TaperLock

Low aspect ratio for ease of use. Perfect for entry-level foiling & progression. Smooth lift & stability at speed. Foiling is the world’s next great adventure, and the Trek Hydrofoil Series will take you a long way down the path of foiling freedom. The smooth lift engages the foil intuitively while remaining incredibly stable, whether […]