Team Black Boots

AK Team Black Boots

Lightweight fly-line shell construction. Extra thick rubber foam insole. Rubber molded heel-lock. AK Team Black Boots are built with medium flex into the outer shells. Constructed with our fly-line support around the foot by reducing the weight of the actual material and allowing the supportive load and fast response to come from the lines running through the […]

Reefer Boots

AK Reefer Boot Binding

Enhanced stiff PU shell construction. Extra thick rubber foam insole. Rubber molded heel-lock. The AK Reefer Boot is the stiffest boot in our line up. This boot is designed with a classic wake boot construction for ultimate support and maximum control over your board. Additional reinforcement has been added in key high-wear areas, and increased stiffening in […]

Velcro Boots

AK Velcro Boot

Easy entry and exit, full velcro fastening system. Replaceable velcro straps. Airplane grade aluminum stiffening bar. The AK Velcro Boot (Crossover Binding) is the softest binding in the AK lineup. The ultimate freeride binding, with its easy entry and exit, full Velcro configuration. This binding is ideal for park and obstacle riding where extra flex […]

Element Bindings

akdurablesupplyco-AK_Element-Bindings_Black_img_01-e1644224964445Element Bindings

Premium ergonomic support footstraps. Dual molded direct impact footbed. Angled adjustment straps to fit all foot shapes. The AK Element Binding sets the standard in comfort, durability, and ergonomic support. Through extensive research into alignment and the natural movement of the rider’s ankles, knees, and upper body during riding and high impact landings, the Dual […]