Ether Seat Harness

AK Ether Seat Harness

Minimalist & lightweight seat harness. Low hook position ideal for racing & foil. Low cut leg straps to keep the harness down. The AK Ether Seat Harness is a lightweight, compact, low cut seat harness. The streamlined features minimize obtrusive connection points and reduce weight, while the advanced shaping optimizes freedom of movement and comfort. […]

Fuse Seat Harness

akdurablesupplyco-21_AK_Fuse-Seat-Harness_Black_img-01Fuse Seat Harness

Versatile ergonomic seat harness. Full back support. Reinforced padded handle. The Fuse seat harness is a classic low-cut seat harness with full back support, perfect for anyone from the first-time rider to a veteran racer. For those who are learning, with upper back problems, or racing, the Fuse is ideal for low hook style riding […]

Cruz Shorts Harness

akdurablesupplyco-AK Cruz Boardshorts Harness 01

Integrated boardshorts harness. Push button hammerhead spreader bar. Lightweight & durable material with side pocket.  The Cruz shorts harness combines the support of a kiteboard seat harness with the comfort and casual look of a pair of boardshorts. Integrating years of AK harness development and technology into the Cruz, the boardshorts harness includes a push […]