Hospital Visit with Kiko

Hospital Visit with Kiko 1

Name: Kiko Roig Torres Age: 19 Hometown: Oliva, Valencia, Spain. Photos: Kyle Cabano & Samuel Cardenas   Kiko is a guy, a really nice guy, from a little town in Spain.  Having started kiting when he was 12, he moved on to strapless boards at 14, and by 16, decided to move to Tarifa on […]

Team Black Bindings

Team Black Bindings 8

They say teamwork makes the dream work… Marketing: Um, what are they? Designer: Bindings… Marketing: And, what color is this? Designer: Black… Marketing: Hmm, okay, and who are they for? Designer: The team… And so, the Team Black Bindings were born…   Built with medium flex in the outer shell, the Team Black Bindings are constructed with […]

Studio visit with Wezlew

Studio visit with Wezlew 13

Name: Wesley John Lewis aka Wezlew. Age: 26 years young. Hometown: Umhlanga, Durban, South Africa. If you don’t already know, Wez is an all-around creative, making things that make him happy. It’s a full-time gig, doing design work, painting, taking photos, surfing, and making his own magazine. Always looking for ways to create and change […]

Ether Harness Technology

Ether Harness Technology 19

The AK Ether is a lightweight harness, featuring an ultrathin, ergonomically designed 3D shaped load plate, offering the ultimate lumbar support when combined with our high tensile, Fly-Line load distribution technology. By removing all unnecessary padding, seams, and reinforcement, we have created an ultralight harness – ideal for riders who travel and have an affinity for […]

Pump Foiling 101

Pump Foiling 101 20

First published in Foiling Magazine Issue 3 Subscribe Here. Words: Zane Schweitzer Photos: Samuel Cardenas Rider: Alvaro Onieva Pumping, whether in flat water off a jetty or after a wave ride, is specific to prone foiling without a paddle. It is easiest to practice pumping as you kick out of a wave whilst you have […]

AK Surf Foil Q&A

AK Surf Foil Q&A 26

With the release of the updated 1300 and new 1600 surf foil completes, we caught up with AK Brand Director, Clinton Filen to learn more about the range, the team, and the surf foil potential around our HQ in Cape Town, South Africa… Starting with the updated 1300 setup, what are the key changes between […]

Surf Foil Safari

Surf Foil Safari 30

Following in the footsteps of thousands of surfers before them, AK ambassadors Zane, Dale and friends set off on a surf foil road trip up the East Coast. With a diverse range of boards and their minds open to waves of all shapes and sizes, they explore the countless breaks from Cape Town’s West Coast […]

Welcome Zane Schweitzer

Welcome Zane Schweitzer 31

AK is proud to announce that skilled and respected waterman, Zane Kekoa Schweitzer, has joined our world-class team of athletes, representing our Surf Foil program: A 15 x World Champion, 2 x Ultimate Waterman, published author, and public speaker, Zane is one of the most versatile individuals you’ll find out on the water. With his […]

William Ferreira Hunger Society

William Ferreira Hunger Society 34

William’s one of those guys; a friend of a friend on the radar doing rad things, and hey, you might have even seen him sat deep in a barrel smiling ear-to-ear at your local. Like many of us, he enjoys spending his free time on the coast, floating out in the deep, fishing, or purely […]

AK Traction Collection

AK Traction Collection 39

Developed to enhance your wave riding experience, AK has produced a lean range of durable and performance oriented traction:       Taking personal preference to a new level, the range has been designed to be completely modular, and offer you exactly what you’re looking for:       The Glue On Insert Pad (GOIP) […]

AK Velcro Bindings

AK Velcro Bindings 43

The Velcro Crossover Binding is the softest binding in the AK line up. The ultimate freeride binding, with its easy entry and exit, full Velcro configuration. This binding is ideal for park and obstacle riding where extra flex is required for stylish grabs, rail tricks and overall comfort when spending a lot of time on […]

AK Element Footstraps

AK Element Footstraps 47

In an effort to enhance the feel and performance of any twintip kiteboard, we’ve designed a component in such a way to maximize support, impact resistance, and comfort. Having spent some time researching the physiological effects of impact through one’s feet and looking closely at running shoe technology, we designed the Element Footstraps. Learn more about […]

Glue On Insert Pad

Glue On Insert Pad 52

If you ride a kite board with straps, and find yourself considering a board without foot strap inserts, the Glue On Insert Pad (GOIP) is the perfect solution. With the addition of the GOIP inserts, any of your AK surf traction can be converted into a foot strap set. These unique insert sets feature an […]

AK Surf Traction Pads

AK Surf Traction Pads 56

Drawing on our passion for enhancing your wave riding experience, we’ve designed a collection of front and rear deck traction suitable for the surf purist or kiteboarder. Made for comfort and performance, our traction is offered in a range of thicknesses from 2.5 – 8mm, allowing you to select the type of traction best suited […]

AK Surf Foil Session – Cape Town

AK Surf Foil Session - Cape Town 62

AK Surf Foil Session – Cape Town Words & Images: Kyle Cabano It was 6h30 on a crisp Winters morning when the crew met up in a parking near the Melkbos slipway. I had left Muizenberg an hour and a half prior to collect foil design director Clinton from Scarborough, and we spent the morning drive […]

Velcro Binding Technology

Velcro Binding Technology 63

  The ultimate freeride binding, with its easy entry and exit, full Velcro configuration. The Velcro Binding is the softest binding in the AK line up. This binding is ideal for park and obstacle riding where extra flex is required for stylish grabs, rail tricks, and overall comfort when spending a lot of time on […]

AK Durable Supply Co.

AK Durable Supply Co. 66

Introducing AK Durable Supply Co. AK pushes the limits of durability, comfort, and performance to bring you technical components and accessories to enhance your life on the water. Based along the rugged coastline of Cape Town, AK represents a group of creative and technically minded makers and riders with a love for watersports. We develop all of […]