akdurablesupplyco-AK Aerobar Kiteboarding Hook

Modular spreader bar platform. Dual Latch-Lock mechanism. Ergonomic integrated bar pad.  The Aerobar is a modular spreader bar platform, with interchangeable connection options depending on your riding style.  The durable reinforced nylon body and stainless-steel hardware provide direct feedback, with built-in comfort thanks to the EVA molded bar pad. The webbing version features a dual […]

Carbon Aerobar Spreader bar

akdurablesupplyco-AK_Carbon-Aerobar_img-01-1Carbon Aerobar Spreader bar

One-piece molded composite spreader bar. Dual Latch-Lock mechanism. Integrated ergonomic bar pad. The Carbon Aerobar is a unique one-piece molded composite spreader bar, ergonomically designed to move with the curve of your body. Boasting rigidity, weight reduction using pre-preg carbon fiber, and comfort with a built-in EVA molded bar pad. The Latch-Lock mechanism is installed […]