4mm Classic Traction

Color: Team Black

  • Quad lock grooving.
  • Modular Configuration.
  • High Bond 3M Adhesive Backing.

Front & rear traction sold separately. 



Ideal for the rider looking for a direct contact with the board, the AK 4mm Classic Surf traction offers a high grip connection.

Rear Traction: 32cm H  |  30cm W  |  3cm Wedge  |  No arch bar

Front Traction: 38cm H  |  30cm W  |  No arch bar


Learn more about the features below:

AK Durable Supply Co. Quad Lock Surfing Traction Grip

Quad Lock Grooving

Ultimate grip and comfort, the AK Quad Lock grooving is designed for maximized grip with a high level of comfort to allow for performance in all conditions.

Modular Configuration

Traction is an increasingly personal preference on how a rider wants to set up their board. The modular traction system allows you to customize your setup to your specific demands.
AK Durable Supply Co. Multiple Configuration Traction Setup

High Bond 3M Adhesive Backing.

3M is the world leader in adhesive manufacturing. We choose to only use 3M adhesive on our traction to guarantee the most reliable and durable application to your boards’ surface .