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  • AK Element Footstraps

    In an effort to enhance the feel and performance of any twintip kiteboard, we’ve designed a component in such a way to maximize support, impact resistance, and comfort. Having spent some time researching the physiological effects of impact through one’s feet and looking closely at running shoe technology, we designed the Element Footstraps. Learn more about […]

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  • Glue On Insert Pad

    If you ride a kite board with straps, and find yourself considering a board without foot strap inserts, the Glue On Insert Pad (GOIP) is the perfect solution. With the addition of the GOIP inserts, any of your AK surf traction can be converted into a foot strap set. These unique insert sets feature an […]

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  • AK Surf Traction Pads

    Drawing on our passion for enhancing your wave riding experience, we’ve designed a collection of front and rear deck traction suitable for the surf purist or kiteboarder. Made for comfort and performance, our traction is offered in a range of thicknesses from 2.5 – 8mm, allowing you to select the type of traction best suited […]

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  • AK Surf Foil Session – Cape Town

    AK Surf Foil Session – Cape Town Words & Images: Kyle Cabano It was 6h30 on a crisp Winters morning when the crew met up in a parking near the Melkbos slipway. I had left Muizenberg an hour and a half prior to collect foil design director Clinton from Scarborough, and we spent the morning drive […]

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  • Velcro Binding Technology

    AK Velcro Binding Technology Available November 2018 The ultimate freeride binding, with its easy entry and exit, full Velcro configuration. The Velcro Crossover Binding is the softest binding in the AK line up. This binding is ideal for park and obstacle riding where extra flex is required for stylish grabs, rail tricks and overall comfort […]

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