Glue On Insert Pad

If you ride a kite board with straps, and find yourself considering a board without foot strap inserts, the Glue On Insert Pad (GOIP) is the perfect solution.

With the addition of the GOIP inserts, any of your AK surf traction can be converted into a foot strap set. These unique insert sets feature an ultra-thin stainless steel threaded insert, within a flexible nylon contact pad that conforms to the shape of your board.

The pads are connected using 3M VHB (Very High Bond) adhesive tape to create a very strong bond to your board.

Here’s how to set them up:

Step 1: Head to your favorite dealer to get your front and rear traction, as well as a GOIP set. Unless you already have, you’ll need a set of foot straps too. Make sure the deck is 100% clean, then get your pads in place, and mark their position with a pencil to guide you once you start sticking them down.

The pads should be placed centred vertically on the board, with the stance based on your personal preference.

The AK front and rear traction sets come in 3 pieces; remove the centre pieces to be replaced by the GOIP’s. We recommend the 8mm Ultracush Traction for kiting, because of its high impact resistance and comfort under foot.

Step 2: Using your pencil markings as a guide, press the traction pieces into place one-by-one, starting with the centre piece. Apply firm pressure and leave to set in place.

Step 3: Grab your foot straps, screw them in, and it’s time to shred!



Learn more about the GOIP here:
Glue On Insert Pad