AK Wake Binding Test with Chris Colborne

Reefer vs Team Black Bindings

AK product designer Dean Freedberg met up with Chris Colborne at the Dirty Habits Playground in the Durbanville Hills, Cape town to try out the Team Black and Reefer bindings on a balmy summers day.

Here’s what Dean has to say about them:

Reefer Bindings

The Reefer Binding is the stiffest boot in our line up with an 8.5/10 stiffness rating. This boot is designed with a classic wake boot construction for ultimate support and maximum control over your board.

Additional reinforcement has been added in key high-wear areas, and increased stiffening in the ankle area of the boot make this the ultimate boot for riders hitting rails and shredding the park.

Team Black Bindings

The Team Black Bindings are built with medium flex in the outer shell, with a 6.5/10 stiffness rating. Constructed with our fly-line support around the foot by reducing the weight of the actual material and allowing the supportive load and fast response to come from the lines running through the entire shell. This construction creates a highly responsive feel with easy ankle articulation, while still maintaining a high level of support, perfect for freestyle sessions.

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Photos: Graham Wiles