AK Surf Foil Testing with Clinton Filen

AK Surf Foil testing with Clinton Filen

Based a few hundred meters from Cape Towns’ Surfers Corner, the AK HQ is in prime position for surf testing. We met up with the main man behind the AK Surf Foil development, Clinton Filen, for a quick session before work, and got a few photos you can scroll through below.

Here’s the full spec:

The AK Surf Foil includes a foil wing developed primarily for surf use, combining a high lift profile with a stable delta design that comes up smoothly and pumps efficiently.

On the 1325cm2 front wing, the elliptical wingtips are swept down for directional stability, while the delta shape maintains the key lifting area in the center of the wing underneath the rider.

The rear X-Wing is a unique symmetrical foil invertible wing that offers a huge amount of trim option as your riding advances. The trim system allows you to adjust how quickly the foil comes out of the water, so based on your body weight, skill level and wave height you can fine tune the foils response.

For the crossover athlete (You know we love those guys) the AK Surf foil can be configured in pure surf mode with a swept down rear wing or the rear wing can be inverted for a more stable platform at speed such as kite or wake use, or when used with a longer mast and smaller wings and is compatible with Airush Kite wings for the kite enthusiast.

Click through the gallery below:

Photos: Graham Wiles